Event Description

Bait Bazi is a verbal game and a genre of Urdu poetry played by composing verses of Urdu poems. It shall be considered a form of competition for the participants and the necessary details shall be relayed to them before the start of the competition.

The competition shall proceed in two stages:

Stage 1: For individual participants
Stage 2: For group-wise participation

Event Rules

A word shall be provided to the individual/team. They will be required to come up with a verse starting from that word within 30 seconds.
If an individual/team is unable to come up with a verse, this shall result in their immediate elimination.
The opponents must come up with a verse starting from the ending word of the first teams’ last word.
This shall go on till the last remaining individual/team.
For team participation the maximum number of people in a group are 3.
The individual and team rounds shall be separate and the results shall be separate as well.

Duration: Two and a half hours approximately. (1 + 1 + 1/2)
1 hour: Individual Round
1 hour: Group Round
30 minutes: For judges to finalize the results