Event Description

Nobody can deny the fact that a 4 to 8 min documentary can influence the minds of public more than a 1-hour speech. This is ground reality of today. We are trying to utilize that power of screen in this event. It is an event in which teams will come up with their short films. Films will be judged according to theme (message), quality of filming, direction, acting and timing constraints.

Event Rules

Maximum no. of participants in a single team is 5. But this doesn't limit the no. of characters appearing in the film.
Any team failing to send its suggested themes within due date will be disqualified.
The event heads will select the final theme for each team from the suggested themes. Once the theme is given it will not be changed, so each team should suggest their themes wisely.
Films will be judged according to theme(message), direction and acting.
The duration of all the films should be from 4 to 8 minutes. Any film lasting less than 4 or more than 8 will have its points deducted.
Any sort of vulgarity or violence will not be appreciated, unless it is of significant importance for the theme to include such content. But still such content is supposed to be censored properly. Otherwise the film will be disqualified.
Every film should contain the EME Olympiad '17 promo at the starting (not more then 15-20 seconds). The starting clip will be uploaded on this group shortly. Moreover, the film should contain the EOL logo on the top right corner of the screen.
Every team should submit their videos one day before the contest.
The videos submitted by the contestants should be in some standard format (mpeg, mp4, flv etc.). Any raw video format will lead to disqualification.
Any sort of racism, political biasedness or sectarianism, if promoted through the theme will lead to disqualification.
Themes to be followed:
• Drama
• Comedy
• Horror
• Action
• Suspense
Judging Criteria:
• Concept
• Plot
• Story Completion
• Cinematics
• Acting
• Editing
The decisions of Judges and Event Heads would be final.
The Films should be made and submitted before the event day.
Event day would be reserved ONLY for the presentation of the films.

Registration Fee: 1000
Winner: 6000
Runner Up: 3000
2nd Runner Up: 2000