Event Description

Each one of us knows a story about someone who is intelligent, physically fit, emotionally stable and conqueror of his fears. If you are such “jack of all trades” then this event is definitely for you. The objective of the competition is to make an entertaining environment by organizing an event which checks the boldness of our contestants. The event will consist of three different rounds, with each round the difficulty level increases. Each round tests different abilities of the contestants. Team members:
Minimum members : 2
Maximum members : 4
Judging criteria:
The judging criteria will vary with rounds. Certain rounds take into account speed, while others take time into account while some others take into account teamwork.

Event Rules

1. Each task of each round will have a separate scoring pattern according to its difficulty level.
2. The scores of both rounds are combined to conclude the final results.
3. Winner of the event will get a handsome amount of cash prize.
4. In all cases, Coordinators decision will be final.
5. Any team going into an argument will lead to disqualification from the event.

Disclaimer: NUST CEME or the EVENT HEADS are not to be held responsible for any mishap/injury to anyone during the course of this event. Time:
There are three rounds:
1st Round: 10 tasks (8 Compulsory) (1 hour) 2nd Round: 15 Tasks (All Compulsory) (1.5 hours) 3rd Round: 10 Tasks (All Compulsory) (1hour); Result (Half hour)

Non-Participants present: A room has an Event Head, Time Keeper (EOL Volunteer) and volunteers. No audience is allowed in closed rounds.
Who Wins: Teams are judged points accumulated in different rounds, in preliminary round top 8 teams are selected based on their score. Final Round will be amongst 4 teams.
Awards: Winning Team and Runner up Team gets Awards. Top 3 teams will get winner certificates and there will be consolation prize for the boldest team.