Event Description

We are organising this event for all the crispy speakers out there in the wild, waiting to set themselves free. Free of responsibilities, free of their thoughts deepening the wounds, free of complains and preach a message no ear ever heard before, no soul ever dreamt before. Come join us. Gay laughters and roaring throats.

Event Rules

Each participant will only make one speech. Either in Urdu or in English language.
A speaker may speak for a minimum of 4 minutes and a maximum of 5 minutes. Marks will be deducted for failing to wind up within the stipulated time. First bell will be rung after 4.5 mins as a warning and second bell will be rung after 5 mins, after which the speaker will be penalized.
Paper reading is not allowed. Any speaker violating this rule will be penalized.
The speakers will be assessed by a panel of three to four judges.
Prizes will be given to top three from English and Urdu category that includes both serious and humorous.
Consolation prize would be given to participant as per felt necessary by the judges
No speaker is allowed to pass derogatory remarks about any important personage, national leader, religious and social controversies, defence services, court of law or government agencies. Violation of this instruction shall lead to his/her disqualification from the competition and the speaker will be requested to leave the stage immediately.
Use of words sentences with indecent/vulgar connotation, passing derogatory remarks against the chair person or casting aspirations upon their speakers shall be viewed seriously and shall lead to his/her disqualification from the competition.
The decision of the judges is final and unquestionable. Anyone trying to challenge them will be dealt severely.