Event Description

Have a brilliant idea for an egg cushioning device? Design and build a device, helping the egg safely withstand the punishing effects of gravity. So, combine your imagination with physical and mechanical knowledge and build a structure that will prevent a large egg from breaking when dropped from a double story building.

Let us see how your imagination and creativity can stun the people around!

Event Rules

The objective of the competition is to design a device that will protect a fresh, raw grade-A egg from breaking when it is dropped from a height of two storey building.
Eggs will be provided at the event.
Entrants will compete to design a device with the lightest weight, the fewest number of parts, and the most accurate landing on the Drop Zone target (see equation at the end of the rules).
All scores will be determined using the Egg Drop Competition Official Rules equations. The goal of the egg drop competition is to obtain the lowest non-zero score.
Any egg drops that results in the egg breaking receives a score of zero.
All devices will be dropped from the same height.
In the event of a tie, the tying entrants will continue to have their devices dropped until one device achieves a clearly winning score.
Grade A eggs have whites that are thick and reasonably firm; yolks that are high, round, and practically free from defects; and clean, unbroken shells. After the drop, the judge will remove the device from the target and the contestant, or their designee, will remove the egg from the device for inspection by the judge. No repairs to the devices will be allowed between drops. After check-in, each device entered will be weighed without the egg provided to each contestant. The lowest weight for a device will be zero (no negative values will be allowed.) No changes or modifications to the device will be allowed once it has been weighed with the egg.
The number of parts used for each device will be counted. Each individual piece will count as one part. For example, if the egg is cradled in 100 Styrofoam peanuts glued together the device will have 101 parts (100 parts peanuts and 1-part glue.).
Gasses, other than air, will be considered one part. Eggs are not to be treated in any way (i.e.: coated, nail polish, lacquer, etc.).
You may not use Nerf balls, pillows, bubble wrap, stuffed animals, standard packaging materials, insulation, or foam products of any kind to protect your eggs.
Your egg must touch the ground without any covering or insulation.
There will be only one release unless the judge declares a problem with the release.
The Drop Zone will be comprised of three concentric rings; two, four, and six feet in diameter.
A land entirely within the innermost ring will be one point, in the second ring will be two points, in the third ring will be three points, and outside all of the rings will be four points.
The device will receive points based on the outermost ring in which any part of the device lies.

Scores will be calculated using the following formula. If the egg cracks, your score is zero. The lowest non-zero score wins:

Score = [30(W/89)+30 (N/3)+40(DZ/10)]EIF

W = Weight of the device in grams
N = Number of parts
DZ = Drop Zone Target points
EIF = Egg Integrity Factor (1 if not cracked or 0 if cracked)

A panel of three judges will determine if each entrant follows all competition rules, and their decisions are final. Official rules are subject to change until the day of the competition. Any discrepancies will be decided by our Super Judge and will be the final decision.

Registration Fee: 500
Winner: 4000
Runner Up: 2000
2nd Runner Up: 1000

Director: Zain Haider
Contact #: 03235364443