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Affan Ul Haq

Talal Qaiser

Hamza Bukhari

Ahmed Raza

Khadija Tahir

Khadija Ayub

Our Sponsors

On the occasion of 2018’s Olympiad we would like to extend a very warm welcome to all the participants. On behalf of EME Olympiad team and myself, I would like to express our support to the colleagues attending the previous year’s Olympiad, which was a big success. The Olympiad 2018 is to take place in College of Electrical & Mechanical Engineering and as the Commandant of the College I am proud that this truly social/sports event will take place at our campus which ranks high in its status. The campus continues to expand, both academically and in terms of physical environment. Over the years, CEME has developed a knowledge ecosystem which inspires sports and other physical activities among the students. The Team Olympiad have managed to create a competitive sports base in their field. This can be seen from the recent events and traditions that we have inherited from the previous administrations. It is therefore our duty to support the continuation of these traditions and the bright youth that have decided to embark on this journey. These young students and athletes, who chose to set foot on the thorny path of physical activities are the ones to whom we owe our progress in the modern world. Today’s athletes who turn into modern-day heroes by saving giving everything in the field, only come from such environments and together with having an impact on our daily lives, sports and physical activities influence the lives for the better part. On behalf of my college and my Olympiad team, I invite you to join this elite event of twin cities, which provides ideal environment for exploring new horizons of a series of social and physical events.

Brig. Tariq Javed