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Frequently Asked Questions

Eligibility for Participation:

1. There is no restriction of any kind on university, college or school students. A-Levels, FSc, Matric and O-Level students are eligible.

2. Private students are ineligible for participation. You HAVE to be associated with an institute.

3. We shall NOT provide accommodation to any participant with in the EME. Participants from outside twin cities shall be responsible for their accommodation/transport as they require. We will assist them finding their accomodations

4. For team events, mixed teams are allowed ONLY IF they represent one institute.(Mixed team: a team where all members do NOT belong to the same institution).

5. All events are open to both male and female participation, except for some sporting events. For that purpose it is mentioned specifically with the particular sporting events where girls are allowed to take part.

6. All participants will be required to produce their student ID cards (or certificates of studentships and some other form of identification in case they don’t have student cards) and Original NIC(National Identity Card)/Form-B(bay-form) at the time of entry to the college of E & ME. There will be NO exceptions to this rule. Please make sure that you be careful about this, because we will deny entry to anyone without a student ID card (or certificate of studentship if they don’t have student cards).

7. A participant can take part in a maximum of three events. (event schedule is subject to change without prior notice, it can be viewed here).

8. Teams will only be eligible if ALL members have submitted all requirements.

9. Your team will only be confirmed a place in EME Olympiad 2016-17, when we receive copy of your Challan form.

10. Those students who are not yet enrolled in a university as yet can participate in Olympiad as part of their recent college/school. But the participant should make sure their recent college/school signs their certificate of studentship.

11. All participants must adhere to the code of conduct provided.


1. Team leaders of a team event are encouraged to gather the financial information of their team, and post "EME Olympiad" copy of their challan to Registrations team. The team leader should also email the soft copy of college cards of his team. The team leader should post and email the Certificate of Studentship, the Multiple Event Details Form (that informs us if any of your team-mates are participating in any other event). This ensures that the registration process goes smoothly for you as a team.

2. Winning Criteria and team trophy: All events carry equal weight age. The decision of judges will be final. The Olympiad committee shall not enter into any debate regarding the winners. All participants are expected to display sportsman spirit and behave in a professional manner, remembering they are representing their institution. Team Trophy those institutes, who have teams registering in less than 5 events overall in the Olympiad, shall NOT be eligible to contest for the EME Olympiad 2016-17 Trophy. Their teams shall take part as independent teams of that institute and their winning shall not be awarded any points. So institutes kindly make sure your participation does not fall below this criterion, if you intend to compete for the team trophy. There is a particular scoring pattern assigned to all the events according to which the teams will be awarded points to add to their total score. The weight age of a particular event varies according to the size of the team and intensity of competition. The latest scores will be displayed at prominent places for the teams to gauge how well their respective institutes are doing. Remember that the evaluation of some events can take more time than others, so scores will be updated sporadically, not through a specific timeline, throughout the Olympiad.

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