Event Description

To some people, graffiti is a disease of the inner-city streets, where vandals mark up the territory with their spray-painted designs. Others appreciate graffiti for its colourful, intricate images and consider it a work of art, created by talented artists.

Wouldn’t you like to permanently leave your mark on a brick or concrete wall? Don’t you want to give plain old boring walls something that will make them a standing piece of art, that can be admired by everyone not just by some picky old people in an art museum?

At EME Olympiad 2019 anyone with a penchant for using the wall as their canvas is invited. Colour the walls here any way you like, in whichever style you like. All you need is a bunch of spray cans, a wall and a whole lot of imagination and creativity. Make the walls speak through your spray cans and if you really have it in you, awe and mesmerise the audience with your artistic expression.

Event Rules

The competition's theme is an "open" one - that is, you can draw anything you want.
Your graffiti art should be self-explanatory. You will, however, be given 2 minutes to explain it to the Judges. Do not copy someone else’s work.
All biters/fakes/haters are not welcomed.
Canvas/Wall will be provided by the organizers.
All graffiti must be completed on provided canvas.
All contestants must complete their mural within 1.5 hours.
No naked or nude character on the canvas; the team violating this rule will be disqualified.
The organizer has the full ownership and copyright of the final canvas.
Competitors who are rude, abusive or deemed otherwise unsuitable by the organizers, will be disqualified from the competition.
Make sure that you are able to manage and complete your work within the given time span, as no extra time will be given.
You will be provided with 3 Spray cans; Red, Green and Blue (1 each). Apart from these you can bring your own spray cans if you want.
You can bring stencils (made by yourselves) to assist you in your drawings.