EME Olympiad is one of the biggest events of twin cities which welcomes spring in full swing , this 3 day extravaganza is a plethora of towering sports, technical , arts , media & social events which has made EME Olympiad a land mark event . This year Olympiad is gonna be bigger and better it entails a tremendous amount of activities, a breather from daily life. Led by a capable OC and people full of life . EME Olympiad encourages you to break free" and electrify the arena with your love of sports and life .



Convener Muhammad Ashar

The most effective ingredient for success of any Olympiad is its flawless execution of events. I look forward to deliver my expertise into making this Olympiad as ravishing as it can get. The time is right, the pressure in on - it's show time.

Convener Talha Mirza

I take great pride for the fact that my university trusted me to become the face of the Olympiad. However, the work has just started. Together, we will make our university proud by organizing one of the biggest entertainment gala of the year. Let's all give our best

Convener Hamza Bashir

Think of EOL Olympiad as the collective amalgamation of all the individual hard work you combined in a pressure oriented environment. I feel honored to manage this pressure and glorifying the name of my university. With your support and dedication, we will create an important milestone in the history of our university events

Convener Saba Kalsoom

I believe when a group of young,talented individuals take upon a task they are unstoppable. This time we have committed to celebrate the colours of life ,this spring, EME style. So put on your dancing shoes, get sports gear ready and buckle up because it's going to be one hell of a ride

Convener Sana Riaz

Its an honour for me to lead such a versatile OC as a Convenor. We have a proud legacy of bringing about the most happening events in the twin cities and we have pledged to work the magic once more. So mark your calendars for 28th Feb because we ain't coming slow.

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Olympiad 2020