Event Description

This is an individual competition. Integration Bee is a competition which tests integration (Calculus) skills of the participants.
In the first round of the competition, all the participants will take a one-hour test with a number of integration problems on it. The top 32 or 16 scorers on the test will be shortlisted to round two.
In the second round, the shortlisted participants will be called for 1 vs 1 match; the two competitors of a given match are decided through draws. In the 1 vs. 1 match, each of the two participants will be provided with a white board and a marker and both will have to attempt an integration problem which will appear on the projector screen in front of them. The same screen will be visible to audience as well.
The candidate finding the solution to the problem first will be considered as the winner of the match. This knockout pattern will go on until the winner is decided from the final round.

Event Rules

Round 1: Written Test Round
• No. of Question: 25 MCQs.
• Time: 30 minutes.
Round 2:
• 16 participants.
• 8 matches (1v1 Matches).
• 1 minute allotted to each Match for a single integral question.
Round 3:
• 8 participants.
• 4 matches (1v1 Matches).
• 2 minutes for each match.
Round 4:
• 4 participants
• 2 1v1 Matches
• 3 minutes to each Match
Final Round:
• 2 participants.
• 5 minutes for each match.

From Round 2 to Final Round, the participant finishing first would inbox his answer and press the Buzzer while the second participant would utilize his complete time. At the end, the one with the correct answer would be promoted to the next round.

New Question would be given if both participants are unable to solve the question.

Question and timer would be displayed on the projector.

Registration Fee: 500
Winner: 4000
Runner Up: 2000
2nd Runner Up: 1000

Director: Hassan Mohiuddin
Contact #: 03235530110