Event Description

Art knows no bounds. It’s unique in every aspect and knows no specification of medium or platform. Makeup is an art, beauty is in its spirit and with the right makeup brush, and anyone can become an artist. So ladies, grab your makeup stash and let your inner artist unleash the creativity within!

A Makeup event consisting of 2 members per team. The competition will comprise of 2 rounds. First round will be the qualifying round. It will comprise of light day makeup. Second round will be the final round that will comprise of theme makeup.

It will be a one day event.

Note: All appliances, makeup and tools are to be brought by the participants and shall not be provided by the organizing team.

First round will take 30 minutes. Second round will take 1 hour and 30 minutes approximately.

Non Participants present:
A room has a Room President (EOL Volunteer), Time Keeper (EOL Volunteer) and an Adjudicator (Outsider). Furthermore audience is allowed.

Initially there will be an initial round, followed by second round that will be the final round.

Who Wins:
For judging criteria, overall look will be taken into consideration. Makeup application, excellence in creativity, effort and style decisions according to the theme will be considered. In preliminary round top 8 team will be selected based on their scores. In Final round, the qualifying teams will compete against each other and the winner will be declared.