3 EME Olympiad'20 EME Olympiad'20

Event Description

“For good ideas and true innovation, you need human interaction, conflict, argument, debate.” If you think you have a way with words and your vision and ideas possess the power to convince people then we bring you an incredible platform to do so. Mark your calendars because EOL 19 is bringing you a remarkable session of parliamentary debates to showcase your debating skills!

Event Rules

British Style Parliamentary debates consists of 4 , 2 member teams going against one another per match.
The Motion (Topic) is announced 30 min before each round in which team prepares their speeches, known as the prep phase. It is also announced which side is for the topic and which side is against it.
All teams have 2 speakers that come alternatively to speak and support their arguments. The Event will last 2 Days; 3 rounds of Preliminary 1st day, Semi-finals and finals the 2nd Day.

A single round last roughly an hour (+ 30 min prep time). Individual speaker’s time is 7 mins. And there are 2 speakers.

Non Participants present:
A room has a Room President (EOL Volunteer), Time Keeper (EOL Volunteer) and an Adjudicator (Outsider). Furthermore audience is allowed.

3 preliminary rounds (Day 1)
Semifinal and Final (Day 2)

Who Wins:
Teams are judged points accumulated in different categories, in preliminary rounds top 8 team are selected based on their scores. In Semi Finals and Finals, instead of 1 Adjudicator a panel of 3 Adjudicator mediates the debate. The decisions of the adjudicators are final.