Event Description

A good design is all about an idea that others could not conceive and what we learn on the way becomes a part of who we are. EOL as always, brings you an amazing opportunity to come up with an exceptional design and show your imagination and creativity that makes your idea and design stand out among everyone else! Show the world what you’ve got at EME Olympiad 2019. See you soon guys.

Event Rules

Individual participation event. Team participation is disallowed. 1 submission of poster per team.
The theme or designing material will be provided on the first day of the event. The poster is to be submitted on the third day of the event.
The participant can use his/her own laptop (for designing) no equipment will be provided.
The designed poster should be strictly in A-4 size (global standard size).
The addition of pictures or props is allowed.
Participants can use any software/editing tool Eg. Photoshop, lightroom, Publisher etc. Pre-Designed Templates are strictly disallowed and may lead to disqualification.

Registration Fee: 500
Winner: 4000
Runner Up: 2000
2nd Runner Up: 1000