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Registration & Security Measures


Registration Procedure

This is a concise version of the procedure you’ll have to follow to be part of EME Olympiad. If you don’t get the details at the first glance, DON’T WORRY AT ALL! All of the steps are described in detail in this document, and of course we are here to help you on each and every step.

STEP 1: Online Registration

Click on the register button on our website.(Present on each Event Page)

Add the required details in the form.

In case of any team event, add details of all other participants for that particular event too.

Note your unique individual/team ID.

STEP 2: Online Bank Challan

You will get an online Challan form. Get a hard copy Print out of that Challan form.

You can submit that Challan form to all online branches of Habib Bank Ltd.

Challan form would be having three parts. Bank copy, EME Olympiad copy and Participant copy.

Submit the EME Olympiad copy to Ambassador of your university and bring the Participant copy when you’ll be coming to Olympiad. .

Security Measures

People, who wish to enter EME without any issues, please make sure to not bring the following:

Medicines, deodorants, body lotions, any sharp objects such as knives/daggers/nail-cutters, any unnecessary cosmetic items, cigarettes, drugs, narcotics of any sort and water bottles. Water bottles in EME are as refreshing as the ones outside. Call us possessive but that’s how it is.

Those who fail to comply by the rules shall be detained at the gate by EME security. Struggling will be pointless.

If, however, you like getting a good tan and losing a few ounces while getting scolded at, you know just what to do.

Any person who maliciously tears down, mutilates or vandalizes EME property shall be accountable for his misdemeanor.

Refrain from making random videos that invade others' privacy.

Littering is prohibited. We love mother earth.

These basic rules, however cruel they may sound, are for your own protection. They are absolute, apply to all and shall not be altered for anyone on bias. Please remember this before you enter the gates of EME. Our security personnel aren’t just notorious for no reason. You have been warned!

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