Event Description

Sketching is the breath of art; a way of describing the world through patterns. It’s a language, a creative form of self-expression that communicates without words and a reflection of how you feel, capture and interpret the world. Come, share your ideas and imagination in the sketching spree that we are bringing just for you!

Event Rules

The theme for sketch will be provided on spot.
It is at the spot challenge.
All the material will be provided.
Time provided will be 3 hours.
Participants won’t be allowed to take their sketches with them.
No participant would be given extra time.
Participant cannot use anything that isn’t provided on their sketch.

Judging Criteria

Every sketch will be judged on the same theme provided at the start.
Creativity will carry bonus points.
Anything deviating from the theme will result in deduction of points.
Judge’s decision would be final.