Event Description

The talent hunt is an essential part of EME Olympiad. It is an event which promotes the talent of Pakistan and help people grow. The talent hunt provides the participants with an open stage to showcase their talents, be singing, art, dance or mimicry, the event is perfect for anyone to put their talent to good use. The talent hunt is always judged and attended by many celebrities/ political icons/ artists and it is open for all attendees to enjoy.

Registration Fee(Individual): 750
Registration Fee(2 persons): 1000
Registration Fee(3-5 people): 2000
Registration Fee(5+ people): 3000
Winner: 10000
Runner Up: 5000

Director: Talha Tariq
Contact #: 03345456168
Deputy Director: Farhan
Contact #: 03065984239

Event Link: https://www.facebook.com/events/809918539351815/?ti=cl