Event Description

For the first time in the long history of EOL we are holding first of its kind event theme photography! Yes!
It's time for you photographers out there to prove your skills! Theme photography is the best way to put together your camera and creative skill. All you must do is grab a camera, follow the fun theme, click the picture and BAM it's your chance to win.
So, what are you waiting for? Register ASAP!

Event Rules

1-2 person per team.
3 submissions of pictures per team (we’ll select the best one)
2 hour would be given to shoot picture of theme.
Picture to be submitted on next day after completion.
One should bring his/her own camera (mobile may be used) and laptop (for editing) no equipment will be provided.
You can post and process your picture in the time allotted so for that purpose you'll have to bring your laptops along as well.
Registration Fee: 1000
Winner: 6000
Runner Up: 3000
2nd Runner Up: 2000